Christian I. Penaloza

I am doing research in the areas of machine learning and cognitive neuroscience applied to Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and robotics. My current project involves the implementation of Deep Learning algorithms to improve classification of EEG-based commands of a BCI. My current experiments are performed using Geminoid HI-2 robot and g.Tec EEG acquisition systems.

My interest in these research areas is driven by the desire to get involved in the development of new technologies that may contribute to a better society in the future.

I am inspired by the dual goals of

1) Developing novel algorithms that can be used to enhance Brain Machine Interface operability.

2) Designing novel techniques to train users to generate appropriate brain activity to be able to operate a BMI.

To address the inherently interdisciplinary challenges of this research, my work draws on theories, models, and collaborations from areas such as:  artificial intelligence, cognitive analysis, pattern recognition, machine learning, human-robot interaction, just to name a few.